Contest Almost Over!

So far, quite a few people have entered the Ten Little Night Stars pre-order giveaway! The deadline to sign up for the giveaway is this Thursday at midnight. If you’ve signed up, but your name isn’t listed below, please let me know. This Saturday, I’ll have my handy helper choose a name out of a bowl (or Google Number Generator) and notify the two winners!

For more information about the pre-order contest, Click Here!

Ten Little Night Stars


Registered entrants as of 7/25/17:

Chrislin P.
Gina W.
Kim B.
Leslie P.
Karen S.
Marissa V.
Cindy D.
Cheryl P.
Penny B.
Amy S.
Rebecca W.
Mary W.
Stephanie S.
Cindy A.
Kay T.
Gina C.
Andrea D.
Stephanie C.
Meredith G.
Leslie P.
Xochi D.
Linda R.
Ruthanne C.
Robin D.
Brenda S.
Serene A.
Sheri L.
Cory P.
Christy C.
Sherry K.
Angela C.
Eli G.
Ronell P.
Crystal B.
Kim F.
DeAnna D.
Amanda M.
Peet P.
Diana C.
Cheri M.
Sue M.
Joan P.
Dianna G.
Margie F.
Melanie M.
Jenni S.
Leslie P.
Cindy M.
Kim F.
Rebecca M.
Merry K.
Teri S.
Elisabeth E.
Karen B.
Cathy G.
Linda M.
Valerie S.
Elaine J.
Annette E.
Sheila A.
Bethany S.
Laura W.




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