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I like to think of my website as a spacious room in a relaxing beach house with the wall of glass doors open to the gentle trade winds, overlooking the turquoise sea. It’s always open to stop by to read, chat, or take a break from the daily grind. Please feel invited and welcome.

As you wander through to check out the different spaces here, grab a glass of virtual tea. On warm days tropical iced tea is served in chilled tall tumblers. On cool days, hot tea is served in china teacups, many passed down from my grandma. So, please help yourself.

Imagine the rhythm of the waves gently breaking on the sand below as you browse the bookshelves, sit on the comfy island-print couches and put your feet up. Breathe in, and just relax for a bit. Chat if you feel like it.

Your crazy life will still be there when you’re ready to return to it.

I’d also love to hang out with you on social media too, so look me up and let’s connect.






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