The Illustrator for Ten Little Night Stars

In the children’s picture book market, the publisher chooses the artist to illustrate the author’s book.* I don’t yet have permission to share the artwork for Ten Little Night Stars, but let me just say that I’m thrilled with the artist that ZonderKidz chose, Gabi Murphy! She is delightfully talented. I’ve received some preliminary copies of the artwork and love how over-the-top cute it is.
Hint—the front cover has a young elephant laying on its parent’s tummy as they both gaze up at the stars.
I feel so blessed that Gabi has done such a wonderful job in capturing the essence—the sweetness and comfort I wanted my story to communicate to young children as they transition to sleep.
I will reveal the cover here as soon as I am able, probably within the next month!
*(There are a few rare instances when the writer also illustrates the book.)


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