Christmas Rolls, Epic Fails, and Grace

Sooo…I tried to make the rolls for the first time this Christmas because my mom broke her hip.
One potential problem may have been that my mom (a seasoned bread maker) told me (a non-bread maker) the recipe over the phone.
And I might have to explain one more thing–you may wonder why my mom is on my phone as “Spy Mom.” Well, I had no problems when I asked Siri to dial every other name on my phone. But over and over, Siri wouldn’t recognize the simple request, “Call Mom.” Instead, Siri would say, “I’m sorry, I can’t find anyone on your call list named Mom.”
So, my mom and I started joking that she was “undercover” and “incognito.” She also loved to read spy novels and used to say she wanted to be a spy until she found out that stakeouts didn’t come with convenient bathrooms. So finally, I added “Spy” to “Mom” in my phone directory, and Siri instantly recognized “Call Spy Mom” every time. So the name stuck!
So back to our story. Two days before Christmas, after I’d bought all the ingredients and started to follow Mom’s recipe for rolls, the following ensued…
My first text to Mom:

Mom’s response:

So, I hope that helped you start the holiday with a good laugh. And as we head into Christmas, the gifts I wish for you are:

– the courage to try new things,

– the support of others to help you on your way,

– laughter and someone to laugh with, and

– above all–grace for your failures.


For without grace for our failures, we don’t stand a chance.


John 1:14
So the word of God became a human being and lived among us…full of grace and truth.


Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “Christmas Rolls, Epic Fails, and Grace

  1. This was wonderful! Made me laugh AND encouraged me. This hasn’t been my most stellar week. I’ve been beating myself up quite a bit. What you wrote about having grace for our failures – that really spoke to my heart.

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